Our Mission

In Today's age, as children move to different cities for better jobs or higher education, parents are left back in the home to take care of themselves. As of today, 1 out of every 5 parents in India live alone.
Almost 80% of all senior citizens in India feel isolated and depressed in some phase of their life after 50. Research shows that chronic loneliness can impact older adults’ memory, physical well-being, mental health, and life expectancy.
They also need assistance in small chores for which they have to rely on strangers, and most of the times, stay away from the unknown. Technology also acts as a deterrant as they are not abreast with the new platforms. Instead of making their lives easier, it becomes an additional hassle to use technology. They choose to live a life of ignorance not because they want to, but they have to.
EvrCare intends to solve these issues which have long been faced by senior citizens but has not been addressed yet. Unlike other ElderCare companies, EvrCare focuses on the mental and social well-being of Senior Citizens. HealthCare is an essential but complementary aspect of our services.
"Intergenerational Homesharing" is the first product in a range of services where we intend to combat the loneliness of Senior citizens by providing them with young verified individuals who not only stay with them, but also help out in their household chores while they stay at their home.

Our Team

We are a team of passionate IIT, IIM graduates with the mission of taking care of all senior citizens living alone in India. Our company is backed up by Singapore investment firm Antler.

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