Take care of your parents with the gift of Homesharing

Rent out an empty room in your parent's home to a verified guest who will not only pay rent, but also assist your parents in their daily needs
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"Taking care of your parents while you are away"

Once the children are working or studying in a different city, parents are left to fend for themselves. Staying alone in a house which is meant for a family has its own disadvantages. Research shows that chronic loneliness can impact older adults’ memory, physical well-being, mental health, and life expectancy.

EvrCare gives them an avenue for someone to stay with your parents, and also a channel to earn money.


As part of EvrCare family

Complete Security

Each prospect goes through a thorough background check which includes a criminal check so we can ensure complete peace of mind to the senior citizen.

You Set The House Rules

We understand the house rules of the senior citizen, the kind of tenants they would prefer, any other do's and don'ts that need to be kept in mind, and then look for prospective companions on the basis of that.

Amenity Standardization

There might be a lot of amenities which your house might not have, like wi-fi, washing machine, etc. Once you are onboarded our team would assist in getting the home furnished.

24X7 Support

There is a dedicated relationship manager which is assigned to your parents for any kind of services of assistance that would be needed in terms of assistance or health.

Help in Household Chores

EvrCare incentivizes the companion to help the senior citizen in their household chores. the tasks are defined in advance with the landlord, and the companion completes them to get discounts on his monthly rent.

Health Benefits

Your parents would be eligible for free medicine delivery, getting discounts on diagnostic tests, health checkups, and also have doctor on call facility.

How Homesharing Works

EvrCare allows your parents to rent out an empty room in their house to verified trustworthy tenant who would not only give them companionship, but also help them with their household chores. Learn more

Security Comes First

Trust and safety are paramount to us at EvrCare. To help ensure our community is secure, every tenant goes through our multi-step screening process, which includes a background check, a complete application, and at least two references.

We help find verified tenants for your parent's house!