Complete Ground Floor in Bungalow


Jankipuram, Lucknow

M.A. Singh

About the House

The house is situated at the heart of the city in a quiet neighborhood of Jankipuram, Lucknow. it is a blank canvas at the ground floor of a bungalow owned by Mr. M.A.Singh. The first floor is occupied by the Singh Family, and the roof is full of flower pots.
It is 2 mins walk from the royal Enfield Showroom near the Engineering college chowraha.

Room Details

It is an unfurnished two room setup with its own kitchen and toilet. The whole setup is independent and at the ground floor of the house.


2 wheeler parking

Shared Spaces

Parking area

Current Residents

2 current residents

Ideal Guest

Family either with or without a kid

Should be peace loving & friendly

Simple in their outlook towards life

Need help in:

In case of emergency, she should be able to pick up the phone and help call the healthcare service providers

House Rules

No Non-Veg to be cooked or consumed in the house

Should not make loud noises or create nuisance in the house

smoking drinking not allowed

no parties

Special notes

Should inform incase they are going out of town.

About the Host

Mr. M.A.Singh has been a government employee all his life, and served in the postal department. He has lived his life in simplicity, and after retirement, is spending quality time with his family. He has a son and a daughter, both well settled in their jobs, and spends his time in devotion of god. His wife, Mrs. Madhu is a simple, blissful woman who loves to talk and easy to make friends with.


Rs 9000/- per month. Electricity & other utility bills separate. Maid can be used and cost is shared