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During the times of covid-19, senior citizens are the most vulnerable and are advised not to step out of home. While taking special care is important at this time, their daily routine is disrupted. Physical activities like walks and exercises have ceased as they cannot go out, and it is becoming difficult for them to take care of their health.

In this time of need, EvrCare extends support to give the care and comfort that senior citizens deserve right in the comfort of their homes. These programss include a mix of virtual engagement sessions with doctors and physiotherapists, fitness physiotherapy exercises and nutritionist consultations which make sure that the senior citizens are taking care of their fitness and diet.

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Fitness Trainers and Clinical Physiotherapists. All trainers are experienced physiotherapists from Nightingale, who are experienced in senior citizens.
Your parents can call our helpline for any requirements they might have - be it bill payments, issue with their phones, bank requirements, etc. Our concierge team will coordinate with the service providers in their city to get the service delivered at your parent's home.
Every weekend, our team calls your parents to take a feedback on their health, and our services and if they need any kind of help in anything.
You can book the desired date over call. Any changes can be done 24 hours in advance.
The service will be done over whatsapp. No need to download any additional app for this.
There will be one call with doctor at your preferred time for general health advice.
Money will be refunded for the services which have not been taken.