Parents Care Plan

Give your parents the care they deserve.
Show them you care.

Take care of your parents from anywhere in India

Gifting the EvrCare Parents Care Plan to your parents shows that you care. With this Plan, you can keep a check on your parents health and diet from anywhere in the globe.

Inside the plan

Parents Care Plan is for 3 months at the one time cost of Rs.4000 Rs.1999/-

Home health checkup (30+ tests) on onboarding

Doctor call after health checkup report

Diet chart preparation by trained nutritionist on the basis of report

Monthly calls with nutritionist

Medicine delivery with upto 20% discount

And a personalised photo frame to cherish your memories

How it Works

Make the payment of Rs.1999/-

Our team reach out to you and get your parents details

Your parents get health checkup, doctor call, diet plan, nutritionist calls, medicine delivery and a personalized photo frame.

We keep you updated about latest activities and reports on your Whatsapp number

You can also login to our dashboard and see plan details and reports

Plan duration is 3 months and you can renew it afterwards.

Welcome gift for your parents

Upload a picture of you and your parents, and we will send a beautiful framed picture along with an invitation letter welcoming them to the EvrCare community, with the program details.

Home Health checkup, Doctor and Nutritionist Calls

A home health checkup of your parent is conducted via Thyrocare, the report of which is shared with you, your parents, and, our panel of doctors and nutritionists.

Doctor call will be scheduled with your parents, who will consult basis on the report.

Nutritionist will create a diet plan, and consult your parents on monthly basis.

Feedback of all calls will be shared with you and your parents vis Whatsapp and Email.

Home Medicine Delivery (Powered by 1MG)

Medicines which are ordered on a regular basis for your parents can be automated, and sent to your parent's home.

Our team calculates replenishment date and orders medicines through our partner (1MG) who make sure that the medicines get delivered on time.

In case you do not have a prescription which is required for some medicines, we can help you get one made through our partners.

Gift Care Plan to your parents

3 Months Plan

1 Parent


  • Health checkup (30+ tests)
  • One doctor call
  • Diet chart by nutritionist
  • Monthly nutritionist calls
  • Medicine delivery
  • Personalised photo frame

Who we Are

EvrCare is a Singapore based company, dedicated to providing the highest quality of assistance to the elderly people in India. Having partnered with best-in-class service providers, we offer comprehensive and personalized care to senior citizens right in the comfort of their own homes. Learn more about us here.