Security Comes First

Trust and safety are paramount to us at EvrCare. To help ensure our community is secure, every tenant goes through our multi-step screening process, which includes a background check, a complete application, and at least two references.

Safe, Secure & Easy

At EvrCare, we intend to provide maximum security to all senior citizens in the program. For this, each prospective tenant goes through a comprehensive screening program.

ID Verification

This check involves validation of PAN Card, Driving License, Voter ID, AadharCard and Passport from the issuing authority.

References Check

We verifies minimum two contacts given by guest as references.

Background Verification

Our team physically verifies the permanent home address and the workplace address of the guest.

Criminal History

Involves search for case references against the applicant in the court of Jurisdiction ( Supreme Court, High Court, District Courts, Tribunal and others) to check for any potential background / other cases against the candidate.

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