Homesharing with
another generation

The easy, safe way to rent a room in house

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Benefits for Tenant

   Rent a room in house at 30-50% cheaper than the PG and Flat

   1 month security deposit

   Fully furnished homes

   Home Share with the elder generation. Help around with household tasks for reduced rent

How Homesharing Works

The easy, safe way to rent a room, starting with one month, where housemates can exchange help around the house for lower rent

Available in Delhi-NCR, Bangalore,Mumbai &  Lucknow


Once you show interest, we will have a personal call with you to understand your accomodation  requirements.


We will map you to the right home depending on your requirements.

Connect with owner

We will arrange a property visit where you can meet with homeowner to assess the compatibility.


Once both of you agree on the terms, we will draft a customized legal agreement.
Voila! you can move in to your new home. 

What our tenants are saying...


"I had never imagined that I could find such an amazing house at cheap rate. Homeowners consider me as their daughter and I feel so secure with them.  You can't get that feeling staying at flat or PG"


"I really liked the Idea of reducing rent in exchange of house tasks. Such an innovative Idea! I wish EvrCare for their mission of connecting elderly homeowners with needy tenants like us"


"Now I have my own room  in  house which is so cheaper than renting a flat. It's too good to be true :) Homeowner is such a nice lady, we even cook together and share stories. Thanks so much EvrCare!"

Find cheapest accomodation in India! Guaranteed!